Journal Entry 97

The violence against the mail carriers intensified. The fights between the different tribes became more destructive and violent. Day in and Day out the streets were filled with people protesting and chanting. It didn’t take much for the protest and chants to turn into violent encounters among the different tribes. Walking on the streets was increasingly risky.

It saddens me to think about how the people living inside Bear Country got caught up in the violence. I got caught up in the violence. Matt, Jonas, Pete and I held rallies and protest against Tribe USA. We fought against other tribes who spoke badly against Tribe UPS. Are lives became consumed with proving that Tribe UPS was in the right and that Tribe USA was responsible for all our troubles.

Not everyone was caught up in the violence there was one tribe that was totally against the war. Hess was the leader of the blue monarchs. Hess and the blue monarchs were in the streets daily trying to get people to put down their weapons and talk things out. Not a lot of people seemed interested in what she had to say.

Hess and the blue monarchs dropped by Bear Country on one evening. Hess was making an attempt at getting the tribal leaders to meet and discuss the mail war issues. I agreed to attend the meeting. Unfortunately, the gathering of the local tribe leaders would happen too late to avoid a major catastrophe.

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