Journal Entry 98

I knew it was going to be a bad day. I woke up that morning with a feeling of dread. By the time I made it to town with Matt, Jonas and Pete, that evening, a fight was already in progress. Tribe USA and Tribe UPS were in a battle to the death. I don’t know who started the fight but I had heard rumors that Tribe USA was going to attempt to take over Tribe UPS’s mail depot.

Hess and the Blue Monarchs were doing their best to stop the fight but no one was listening. The number of people participating in the fight quickly grew in spite of their efforts. The news of the battle quickly spread thru out the community. By nightfall, nearly every tribe in town was participating in the fight. The wounded were everywhere.

Hess and the Blue Monarchs continued their efforts of trying to stop the fight even though several members of their tribe had been seriously injured during the battle. People were out of control. Rage and hate took over that day.

The number of people actually inside 400 Mason St is still a mystery. The explosion was unexpected. A lot of people died including most of the members from Tribe USA and Tribe UPS. The explosion was so large that nearly everyone in the street was knocked off his or her feet. I would not be surprised if the casualties on the street equaled the number of casualties inside the building. The explosion stopped the fighting. The cause of the explosion is unknown but people have speculated that it was a gas leak.

After things had calmed down, Hess jumped on top of a broken down truck and told everyone to go home. She said our parents would not be proud of what we had become. She was right. We gathered our dead and wounded and went home.

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