Journal Entry 99

People walked around in a daze for a couple of days. I think everyone was in shock. The explosion at 400 Mason St caught everyone by surprise. There are always casualties in a war but I don’t think we were expecting the amount of casualties that occurred because of the explosion. For the next week, the local tribes buried their dead.

Bear Country was lucky, no one from our tribe died. Was it luck or fate? I don’t know. Pete and I were actually headed toward the building when it exploded. I was knocked off my feet and thrown backwards. I hit my head on one of the big blue mailboxes. Pete sustained minor injuries. A couple cuts and bruises. Matt and Jonas were off fighting somewhere out of my view. I was glad to see the both of them walking up the street after the explosion. For a while, I wasn’t sure if they had made it inside the building before it exploded.

With the war stopped Hess and the Blue Monarchs set out to organize meetings between the local tribe leaders. These meetings were intended to solve several issues in the community that were causing difficulties. I think the meetings help, although a couple of the meetings I attended actually began and ended with fists fights. Most of the local tribes are a part of some tribal association. We don’t always get along but we are making an honest attempt at rebuilding society.

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