Journal Entry 17

Journal Entry 17

Tony stopped by my room in the admin hallway. He said he
wanted to help. I guess this is his way of saying he is sorry for being
mad at me.

It’s been a long night. Tony, Matt, Jonas and I (under the cover
of darkness) went to the Central campus. There was a lot of activity
even at the hour that we were snooping. The guards seem to all be
visible. No need to hide, the size of these people would keep most
people away. Of course, we don’t know exactly what is going on
inside. We snuck around the entire campus. No one seemed to be
guarding the east end backside of the building. The door was even
unlocked. We went inside. The classrooms in this hallway were all
locked and empty. At least the rooms we peaked into were empty.
Things seemed a little too easy. Feeling uncomfortable with the ease
that we entered we decided to quietly leave. Ok, we can get in. Which
means we should be able to get information to each other? The next
step is to get someone into the Bobcat gang.

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