Journal Entry 16

Journal Entry 16

I held a meeting with the community leaders of the larger
gangs that are allies with Bear Country. I love community meetings.
No, actually, I don’t but sometimes they are a necessity. I am not a
very good diplomat. I have trouble hiding my emotions. I always turn
a bright shade of red when I get flustered. What I hate the most is that
these meetings always end up loud and noisy. Getting everyone to
agree is always a challenge but I think we have a workable plan. All
the gang leaders have agreed that getting someone inside the Bobcat

campus is a necessity. Bear Country will have to get someone inside
but first we have to find out what kind of security the Hulk has in
place so that we can get information out once we are inside.

I went to see Tony after the meeting. He is still angry with me.
At first, he pretending to be working on something and ignored that I
was even standing in the same room. I said I was sorry and that if I
could bring back Runt I would. I said I needed his friendship. He thru
a wrench across the room (It barely missed my head) and he said I wasn’t
a very good friend. A friend is someone you can count on. Someone
you can depend on. I said, “I was dependable.” He said I wasn’t. He
said I should have kept a closer eye on Runt. Perhaps he was right. I
should have kept a closer eye on the little guy. However, honestly, I
can’t be everywhere at once. I have a great deal of responsibility. I
would have done my best to look after Runt if Tony had died. We all
would have looked after him. It’s what we do in Bear Country. We
look after each other. No one could have prevented Runt from leaving
if he wanted to leave. No one is under lock and key.
Tony went back to what ever it was he was working on and I
left the room. I said I really was sorry.

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