The Cage Fights

The Cage Fights

In the dimly lit gymnasium of Central Bobcat High School, Xavier, known to all as The Hulk, held court on his makeshift throne, encircled by his loyal crew of goons. Their eyes were fixated on the cage fights unfolding before them, the atmosphere thick with tension and anticipation.

For Xavier and his goons, these fights weren’t just a pastime; they were a vital part of their strategy to assert dominance over the community. If Xavier harbored any hopes of extending his influence beyond the school walls, he knew his crew needed to be battle-ready at all times. And besides, there was no denying the twisted thrill they derived from watching the chaos unfold in the cage.

The sight of frightened kids being thrown into the pit, their pleas for mercy falling on deaf ears, sent a shiver of excitement down Xavier’s spine. Yet, beneath his veneer of callous indifference, Xavier was a strategic thinker. He ensured that when the stakes were high, his enemies faced off against his own crew. After all, he couldn’t afford to risk the safety of his top fighters. Building an army required strength and resilience, qualities Xavier’s crew possessed in abundance.

But amidst the adrenaline-fueled chaos of the fights, there was one figure who lingered in the shadows, the Runt slouched in the back of the cage, his small frame overshadowed by the larger children around him.

The Runt had no desire to prove his worth in the cage fights. He had spent his life avoiding confrontation, preferring to blend into the background rather than draw attention to himself. As he watched the mayhem unfold before him, a sense of dread gnawed at his insides. He prayed that he wouldn’t be chosen as the next participant, knowing all too well that he lacked the skills to survive in such a brutal arena.

For The Runt, escape was his only goal. He longed to return to the safety of Bear Country High School, far away from the violence and chaos that consumed Central Bobcat gang. The prospect of fighting in the cage was a nightmare he couldn’t bear to contemplate, a fate he would do anything to avoid. And so, as the fights raged on around him, The Runt plotted his escape, determined to break free from the shadows of the cage and reclaim his freedom.

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