Journal Entry 21

Journal Entry 21

A message was sent to me from Matt sent a message to me. He is inside the Central campus, and it sounds as if he is doing fine. His letter read,


Just checking in to see how everyone’s holding up, especially Jonas. Please let him know I feel bad about his eye—I lost my balance during that last scuffle. And my chin should be back to normal in a day or two.

I’ve managed to explore most of Central campus, but some areas are seriously guarded. On the bright side, tell Tony I’ve spotted the Runt; saw him earlier today. It’s rough, though—he’s enslaved. Haven’t had a chance to chat with him yet. They keep those guys under lock and key, only letting them out for work.

Pretty sure the other lost boys are around too. Wrestling’s a huge deal here; people are constantly throwing down challenges. I’ve been flying under the radar so far ’cause I’m not gunning for rank. The higher-ups get all the perks—better food, more privileges. Not my scene.

Hopefully, I’ll be back home soon.

Catch you later, Matt

So that was his letter.


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