The Agriculture Club

The Agriculture Club

Jake, Maya, and Ethan surveyed the sorry state of their crops at the back of Bear Country High School. The bug infestation was getting worse by the day, and they knew they needed all the help they could get from their fellow residents to rescue as much food as possible.

Maya, the determined and organized leader of the Agriculture Club, gathered the four volunteers who had shown up to help. She divided the tasks efficiently, assigning each person to a specific area of the garden.

“Alright, Tommy, you’re on pest control duty,” Maya instructed, pointing to a tall, lanky boy with a determined look in his eyes. “Samantha, you and Joey focus on weeding out the dead plants and put everything in the compost bins. And Emily, you’ll help Ethan with collecting the fruits and vegetables that can be used.”

Ethan, the practical and caring member of the group, chimed in, “Remember to drink water and take breaks when you need them. But we can’t afford to dawdle. If we don’t save as many plants as possible, we’ll be trading with other gangs just to avoid starving.”

Jake, the resourceful and thoughtful one, distributed the few sets of gloves they had salvaged from the school’s storage rooms. “Make sure to return these at the end of your shift,” he reminded everyone. “Other people will need them too.”

Maya added, her voice firm but kind, “And don’t forget about canning. We need to preserve as much of the harvest as we can. We’ll start in the evening, and we still need volunteers. Spread the word, and I’ll put up a message on the admin hall bulletin board.”

With a nod from Maya, the volunteers dispersed, ready to tackle their assigned tasks and spread the word about the upcoming canning session. Despite the challenges they faced, Jake, Maya, and Ethan remained determined to save their crops and ensure the survival of their community at Bear Country High School.

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