Journal Entry 12

Journal Entry 12

I feel so bad. No one told Tony that Runt was missing. I was
updating the bulletin board in the admin hallway when Tony asked me
where Runt was. I just stood there and stared at him. I finally told him
that I was sorry. Runt had been missing for days. I tried to explain to
Tony why we think Runt left. That he left to find medicine and that
Jonas and Matt went looking for him.

Tony was so angry that he yelled at me for being irresponsible. He said I should have been more reliable and that it’s my fault if Runt is dead. I don’t blame him for yelling at me. We should have told Tony that Runt was missing sooner.
Runt was not my primary responsibility. He just appeared on
our doorstep one day, dirty and hungry. Tony became is friend. Tony
is the one who took care of him. This is going to sound stupid but I
honestly didn’t realize that I should have been taking care of Runts
needs while Tony was ill. I just assumed that everyone took care of
everyone. I have a tremendous amount of responsibility around here. I
try to make sure that life around Bear Country runs smoothly and most
of the time it does.

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